The formula 1 of wintersports

Race down the ice canal with 120 km per hour and feel the pressure in the curves on your own body. Be once a co-pilot in the formula one of wintersports and feel the cool wind which streams around the helmets of the professionals at world championships and large international events - courageous winter sport athletes can experience it from October to March at the artificial bobsledtrack at the Königsee near Berchtesgaden.

You are riding in an original racebob with an experienced pilot on the worldcup and worldchampions' track through the 1.200 meter ice canal at the foot of Watzman mountain. If you are looking for a special kick yourself or if you need a birthday or Christmas present, the Racebob-Taxi is just right for you.


Here you can watch the BMW 360-degrees-video of a taxibob-ride at the Königssee Bobsleigh track ->



And a video with a taxi-bob-ride at the Königssee track ->

Now even in summer...

Bob-Taxi at Koenigssee 

On Bavarian Koenigssee there is the bobsleigh in the summer months, too.

When the ice melted and the bobsleigh track at the foot of Watzmann has been transformed into a concrete channel, then the bobsled pilots put wheels under their bobsleighs and start on the original track.

For 65 euros per person you can experience this adventure as a co-pilot on certain dates.

Here you can see a sommerbob-taxi-ride at the Königssee track ->