Terms and Conditions

Conditions for co-pilots in summer/winter bobsled are

  • physical fitness
  • no previous damage (especially to intervertebral discs, spine, bone, cardiovascular)
  • no organic disease
  • Minimum age for winter dates is 16 years (less than 18 years with signature of parent or guardian) 
  • Minimum age for summer dates is 14 years (less than 18 years with signature of parent or guardian) 

Therefore, you waive your adventure

  • if you are pregnant
  • if you are not physically fit or have previous damage of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine
  • if you are prone to osteoporosis
  • if you have cardiovascular disorders
  • if you are unsure, to meet the physical requirements, you should make a medical check-up before!

Remember: in this area of outstanding athletic performance you experience your adventures at your own risk! A bobsleigh ride at your own risk! Even if you bring this risk, you have no guarantee that our pilots will also take.

Have a glass of drink in anticipation of your adventure too much, we can not take you in the bob.
You should also not complain, if one of our pilots thinks you don´t "fit" in the team!

Claims for damages (eg. As for transportation,, accommodation and subsistence costs) or other damages are excluded in any case.

The kick of the descent through the ice track you can only experience if you give us in writing that you know about your risks and you are ready to take this on your own responsibility (disclaimer) and otherwise accept our terms and conditions.

Conditions of Participation / Disclaimer

  1. Driving Bob is a sporting challenge, also for the co-pilot. Despite the care of experienced pilots can not be ruled out a fall. The high speed and the centrifugal forces require your full permanent health and an outstanding physical constitution!

    Especially your spine is severely stressed. If you are concerned to meet the physical demands, then forego the bob!

    In making those risk sport you do so at your own risk!

  2. You can be co-pilot in bob only with safety equipment, in particular with a helmet. Please check the fit of the helmet and tell the pilot immediately if you have difficulties with it.

  3. The safety of the team and your safety depend on it that you comply with certain rules of conduct strictly. Therefore, be sure to follow the instructions of the pilot.

  4. Except as knowingly, intentionally or grossly negligent causing of damage liability of the Bobsleigh and Luge Federation for Germany (BSD), the organizers and pilots is excluded. The BSD is committed to the negligent, grossly negligent or intentional induction of a bodily injury in accordance with the statutory provisions.

  5. Participation as a co-pilot in racing bobsleigh taxi is only possible from 14 years and only with a valid, personally signed ticket. For underage participants a legal representative must make this signature.

  6. If a departure - for whatever reason - can not take place, the Organisators reimburse the fare restocking fee of 20%. Any additional compensation (z. B. travel, accommodation and subsistence costs) is excluded.

Berchtesgaden, the 03/05/2013

gez.: Thomas Schwab
Generalsekretär BSD