The bob track

The bob- and luge track at lake Königssee was the first artifical icetrack of the world, and even today it is regarded by insiders as one of the technically most demanding bobsleigh and luge track in the worldcup circus. As co-pilot in the racebob-taxi at Königssee, you are riding in an original four-men racebob sled as they are also used by the professionals at World Championships and the Olympic Games.

The ride during winter-time

On Bobstart you go. The professionals at the World Championships start from the same place. But we renounce the flying start, especially in the four-man event requires a lot of training. We sat down in the standing Bob and when the co-pilot and the pilot have taken their seat, we are pushed from the outside. There is not much room in the carriage. We have been at the start full of admiration for the professional bobsledder who jump on the run in the narrow and Bob find their place under enormous time pressure. We are easily pushed and still drive comfortably loose. Only the heart beats fast.

We drive through the "Devil's Mill" and come to a straight line to youth start. We still have only about a pace of 50 km / h on it, it can be good at passing drivers see on the upcoming "snake pit".

The "snake pit" is twofold S combination - consisting of four consecutive curves. Left, right, left, right, it goes after the other and we get a foretaste of what awaits us still so at the bottom of the ice rink. With good 100 km / h, we shoot for the "Snake Pit" by the long straight - which is not really bent straight but slightly - and provide us a wall. This is the "Jenner curve" that in the "Turbodrom" Us - the gyro train - brings.

Turbodrom - centrifugal
Three pressure points at which the carriage would rise and that need to be controlled by the pilot skillfully and only about six seconds travel time at a 360 degree rotation on the vertical wall, mark the "Turbodrom". After the exit from this roundabout it is fast and wild. We are sliding left and right through the "Labyrinth", come to the "Eagle's curve" and reach the "Seekurve", a right-hander with about three to four "G" acceleration of gravity.

Echo Wall
The "echo wall" is the fastest curve of the track. Reaching speeds around 120 km / h. It is a long curve to the left and difficult for the pilot to stear. Afterwards there will be two more curves uphill. It is becoming slower now.

After the echo curve the ride will be more slowly. It will follow the target and the finish curve, the curve numbers 15 and 16. After that, it is already slow, together we reach the finish. Only more than minute takes the ride on the four-man bobsleigh through the ice channel and yet we are out of breath and feel our back muscles. An awesome feeling - pure adrenaline!